Mission and Vision

Our mission is to bring glory to God by leading people in Berlin to

  • together become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, and to
  • enjoy knowing God.

We have a vision for the Presbyterian Church in Berlin that applies in five areas: Worship, Fellowship, Growth, Evangelism, and Service.

In Worship:

We see a church where

  • every member possesses a sense of the greatness of God and glorifying him as his/her ultimate aim, in both public gathering and private living.

In Community:

We see a church where 

  • every member has a strong sense of belonging to the church and to Jesus Christ.
  • love and mutual care amongst members is increasingly evident.
  • members are committed to the spiritual growth of the other members.

In Growth:

We see a church where members

  • grow through theologically sound Bible teaching.
  • have available know-how confidently to read, study and share the Bible with others.
  • experience how God’s Word through the Holy Spirit shapes their daily lives and personalities.

In Evangelism:

We see a church

  • where every member is happy to share the good news in their personal environment.
  • which actively seeks out the gifts, desires, and vocations of its members and nurtures them in preparation for the mission field.
  • which supports the establishment of new congregations in other parts of Berlin and Germany.
  • To this end, we hope in God to build a church in Berlin large enough to provide the resources for this vision.

In Service:

We see a church that

  • is actively and appropriately puts themselves at the service of their fellow human beings.
  • is seen by those associated with it as conducive to their own well-being.
  • serves in cordial union with other Christian churches in our city.